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Meet Nicholas Britton, CEO of Mountaintop Media Group:

This kind gentleman (Nicholas Britton) decided to pitch me his services via my Facebook messenger inbox, claiming to be CEO of a company called "Mountain Top Media Group"...

His pitch involved mainly harassing me, and also suggesting I kill myself... (read our full correspondence below)

I was just so impressed with his marketing strategy, I decided to give him this shout-out free of charge!

So, a huge thank you to Nicholas Britton, for making this all possible!


Nicholas J. Britton Has 1-Star Reviews On Amazon For Cyberbullying Harassing People Online

Nick Britton wrote a book titled "Children Know Success: Do You?"  You can find it here on Amazon. Be sure to read the one star reviews to get a second (and third, and fourth, and fifth) opinion of what communicating with Nicholas Britton is like, and how he conducts himself online. If he was really as successful as he claims, do you think he would be engaging in this type of petty behavior online? Normally, I don't even bother posting a bad review when I don't like an experience with a business. In this instance, I even warned Nick he would end up embarrassing himself, and should focus his energy on his own business and his clients. Upon finding the other bad reviews and realizing he has been doing this for years, I decided to make this web page, so that anyone else he contacts can easily see who he really is with a quick Google search!

So, if you found this page organically while searching for Nicholas Britton... Odds are, I can help your business get found online too! Avoid this goofy cyberbully, and check out how2rank.com